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Who is Fransiska?

Fransiska has spent her whole life amongst weavers and knitters in her parents’ company in Belgium and knows better than anyone else how important quality and designs are for home fabrics.  As a mother of five children, she’s fully aware of the necessity to have a nice and self-designed comfortable home that is always there to welcome her family.

Fransiska's Black valise

The Black Valise joins Fransiska’s signature qualities and reflects them in your bedroom: her warmth, sophistication and liveliness all lie in the three privilege fabric collections she thoughtfully selected by hand. Fransiska has nothing but a lovely home in mind and wants you to create a comfortable, refined and unique home using the best quality fabrics for your furniture.

All fabrics are designed to match any lifestyle. Whether you love a cheerful breakfast, a relaxing Friday night or a Sunday family gathering, Fransiska’s Black Valise will help you find the perfect match.

Design your own home

Fransiska’s collections and Mayan Green latex products help you put a signature touch to the comfortable bedroom of your dreams. Thanks to her Black Valise, Fransiska gives you the power to totally customise your place into a personal, warm and welcome room. Based on the latest techniques, trends and market developments, you get a well-balanced presentation of fabrics for soft furnishings and furniture pieces, such as the best fitting and adjusting mattress fabric, lounge chair fabrics and curtains

Mayan Green for a good night's sleep

Mayan Green, a new generation of natural latex products which comply with the most strict social, health and environmental requirements, offers you a full range of healthy, natural support products to choose from. Mayan Green natural latex cores and the wide selection of latex pillows allow you to get the relaxed and well-rested piece of mind you need to fully enjoy a life among family and friends.

The bionic, nature-inspired knitted fabrics to finish your mattress are engineered to tightly snug around the latex core, to make sure your body will have the full support it needs to relax and recharge every night.

Curtains, towels and bathrobes as finishing touch

A completely dark room is essential for a good night’s sleep. Curtains can exclude the most disturbing rays of light and will give your home a completed look. In the Fransiska Black Valise, you will find the matching curtains to add the finishing touch to your signature bedroom. Fransiska thought about your bathroom and kitchen as well and recommends the high-quality towel collections by Clarysse, a Love Home Fabrics sister brand.

Cut-length fabrics in your style

Contract abrasion requirements are something Fransiska feels very strongly about. She made sure all fabrics meet the standards, so they can last for a very long time. On top of that, our cut-length fabrics make it possible for you to order the exact amount of fabric you need for your furniture or soft furnishings.

Our wide variety of fabrics in different textures, styles, colours and designs are readily available at absolute minimum lengths. Whether you are planning on creating a single design piece or an entire collection: we have a solution for each design idea to help you create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Centuries of experience

Fransiska takes great pride in analysing colour, fabrics and cosy home fashion trends together with our committed teams. This unique selection of pure and stylish home textile results in a luxurious privileged collection that is expanding every day.

Fransiska can count on the global market presence and centuries of experience in fabric production from the Love Home Fabrics group. Thanks to the best and latest advice, you will be able to find the perfect fabrics for your bed, mattress, armchairs, sofas and curtains

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